2012 Calendar Orders
Please be advised that the club calendars are now available.  All photos are of Ridgebacks belonging to members and all pictures have been taken by club members. 

Calendars can be ordered from Jim Beckett at beckettj@ripnet.com or 613-989-2860.  The cost is $15 + $3 shipping, for a total of $18.

This is the perfect opportunity to support your club, and also enjoy a fabulous calendar every day for the next year!!

RRCEC Club Policy regarding use and identification of photographs for the RRCEC Newsletter (Roster), Website and Calendar

For the website home page quarterly contest and annual calendar:

The photographs should be those taken by club members and of their dogs only.  Photos must be identified.

For the photo gallery (website/newsletter), the rescue page and other general use:

The photographer should be identified but not the dog if the dog is not owned by a member.  The photographer does not need to be a club member if the photo is of a memberís dog.
Photos can be submitted in smaller file size for the above uses.

General group photos, photos of moving dogs taken at events or picnics, do not require that the dogs or photographer be identified.

This policy came into effect January 1, 2007.

Pictures are always welcome and can be e-mailed in JPEG format or sent by regular mail to be scanned.  The dog(s) and photographer in/of each picture must be identified in your e-mail or covering letter.
Pictures for everything other than the calendar contest should be emailed or snail mailed to the editor AND the website manager.
If you have submissions for the calendar contest that you also wish to have considered for the website home page contest or for general use on the site or the newsletter, please send them along to the editor AND website manager. 
If you have any questions about photos that you wish to submit, please contact the editor for clarification.


Keeping in mind that photos for the calendar should be taken by club members and the ridgebacks in the photos should be their own, here are the instructions to enter the calendar contest:

The calendar contest entries must be submitted through the official RRCEC contest website therefore allowing us to use professional printers to cut our costs while increasing the quality of calendars.
The printing industry now demands all persons submitting photos to be used in print sign a legal release form in the event they accidentally crop or cut off any parts of an image during print, or if colours do not match 100%, etc.

For the calendar contest, please submit your photos in the largest file size you have. If photos do not meet the minimum number of pixels required for printing they will have to be excluded from the contest. The calendar coordinator will retain the right to crop photos if necessary for printing.